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5 Must-Reads for the Web3 Music Industry

The article recommends five books that will help readers understand the web3 music revolution, which is enabled by technologies like blockchain, NFTs, AI, VR, and the metaverse. The books cover topics such as how musicians can grow their business, enhance their career, and succeed in the music industry with web3 and crypto. The article also provides brief summaries of each book, highlighting the main topics, perspectives, and insights they offer. One of the books was written by an AI tool called ChatGPT. The article aims to equip musicians, fans, and industry professionals with knowledge, wisdom, and an open mind to navigate the brave new world of web3 music.

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The Evolution of the Internet: From Web1 to Web3

Embark on a journey through the evolution of the internet with “The Evolution of the Internet: From Web1 to Web3” on Beginning with the static Web1, where HTML dominated, and interaction was minimal, the article navigates through the social dynamics of Web2, marked by the rise of social media. Finally, it explores the transformative era of Web3, emphasizing decentralization and blockchain technology. Examples like Ethereum and IPFS illustrate the potential, while challenges and the need for collaboration are highlighted. Visit to explore the opportunities in this decentralized, user-centric internet, and join the conversation to shape the future.

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